DJI Matrice M30T Drone

Whether inspecting wind turbines or detecting thermal bridges - the DJI M30T drone can do almost anything

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Bilddichte is your professional partner for drone photography of all kinds. From image film to complete construction documentation to thermography for the energy certificate of your building or the visual inspection of industrial plants, we offer you a wide range of possibilities for the implementation of your order. In addition to the necessary experience and expertise in handling camera drones and thermal imagery, the right equipment is of course also required. Today, we would like to introduce you to the DJI Matrice M30 T, which provides us with one of the most advanced drone models to successfully complete your orders. This drone is a professional model designed for commercial use and belongs to the so-called enterprise class. This refers to drones that are optimized for enterprise requirements and professional applications.

Frontaufnahme DJI M30 Kameradrohne mit Thermalkamera

The DJI M30T is flexible to use and very powerful

Sufficient flight time is a prerequisite for meaningful use in the commercial sector. In addition, there is an extensive technical equipment to meet the respective requirements. The DJI M30T was developed with high performance and easy transportability in mind. Despite its outstanding performance, it can be easily and quickly transported to the desired location and made ready for use within a few minutes. Some frame data will help you better imagine the performance capabilities of the DJI Matrice M30T:

  • The maximum flight time of up to 41 minutes gives enough scope for complex missions.

  • The maximum operational limit is 7000 meters - so it's ideal for alpine environments as well.

  • IP45 protection class for all-weather operations at temperatures between -20° and + 50° Celsius.

  • Numerous sensors for safe flight control and proximity warning for manned aircraft.

  • Safe communication thanks to four antennas and switchable channels even during flight.

  • Wide-angle camera for photos at 12 MP or videos at 4K (30 fps).

  • 200x hybrid zoom camera for detailed photos up to 48 MP (8K) and videos at 4K (30 fps).

  • Thermal camera with high measurement accuracy (+/- 2 percent deviation in thermal image).

  • Laser rangefinder with a range of 3 to 1200 meters.

Recording DJI M30 series in flight in the mountains of Salzurg

All-round drone for industry, business and rescue operations

The DJI Matrice M30T is not only used for industry or homeowners due to its excellent flight and communication characteristics, but also by firefighters and rescue services thanks to its thermal imaging capability. From lake rescue to forest firefighting and mountain rescue, the model covers a wide range of scenarios. Locating people, animals, accident scenes, fires and more is no problem thanks to the sophisticated FPV camera and thermal imaging capacity. The drone determines the exact position of a target object by combining laser rangefinding and internal algorithms for position determination. Even in low-light conditions, the DJI M30T works reliably and safely. It is controlled in dual mode, i.e. by a team of two people consisting of the pilot and the FPV camera operator.

Recording with thermal imaging camera of DJI M30T drone

Flight safety is a top priority for the DJI Matrice M30T

Professional camera drones must be operated by qualified personnel due to their weight alone. The risk of collisions with aircraft, structures and people is quite real. That's why the DJI M30T has a comprehensive flight safety concept that comes into play during every mission. On the one hand, the preflight checklist ensures that operators always operate with a properly functioning camera drone. Secondly, the pilot always has the most important data about the take-off point, waypoints to be flown and obstacles in view via the user-friendly navigation display. If mission conditions change, the drone automatically alerts the pilot. An ADS-B receiver, already integrated into the drone, warns manned aircraft that may be approaching. Thanks to the dual camera and ToF sensors, all six sides of the camera drone are constantly monitored, ensuring the necessary safety even in spatially restricted operational environments.

Koffer oder Trolley im Set der DJI M30 Serie enthalten

What do we use the DJI Matrice M30T for?

Due to its special equipment, our camera drone DJI Matrice M30T is suitable for a wide range of applications. The thermal imaging camera makes it the perfect choice for informative thermography of buildings, for example to assess energy efficiency or to detect leaks in industrial plants that remain invisible to the naked eye. But this model is also frequently used for inspecting wind turbines or high-voltage power lines. Here, it can make particularly good use of the advantages of aerial photography and flexible control of hard-to-reach and dangerous areas of a plant. Maintenance costs and downtime can thus be significantly reduced.

DJI M30T drone close up front view

Developed specifically for commercial use

Many drone models used in the commercial sector are based on developments that originated in the consumer sector. However, this results in certain limitations in terms of performance, weight and flexibility that cannot be separated from the basic design. The DJI Matrice M30T is different. It was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of professional users, yet still boasts an excellent power-to-weight ratio. It is kept very compact and lightweight for a commercial model, can be transformed from transport case to operational state in a matter of minutes, and can be taken to almost any location. As is usual with drone models, different versions of the DJI M30 exist. Thanks to its thermal imaging camera, the DJI M30T is particularly suitable for thermography, but can also be used flexibly in other areas.

DJI M30T drone with DJI RC Plus 7 inch remote control

High speed, precision flight and long flight time

The modern design also extends to contemporary aerodynamics, which, together with the powerful motors, enable an impressive top speed of up to 82.8 km/h. Where precision is required, the camera drone maneuvers perfectly even in tight places. The maximum flight time of 41 minutes can, of course, be somewhat reduced when additional equipment is used because the weight increases. The same applies to calling up the full motor power over a longer period of time. Thanks to its protection class, the drone is well protected from dust and water and can also do its job in the rain or snowfall within certain limits. Its use is primarily limited by very high wind speeds or extreme weather conditions. Apart from that, however, there is almost no scenario in which the DJI M30T does not perform excellently.

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