Aerial photography of real estate - with Bilddichte to drone images in top quality

You are planning to sell your property and want to inspire prospective buyers with attractive exterior shots? With our drone photos, you can present your house or property from a very special angle. We create aerial photos of real estate for you with the latest drone technology, which become a real eye-catcher and attract attention.

Bring momentum into the marketing of real estate or enjoy as a private or commercial owner of strong images of your house and grounds. We appreciate your trust and will soon bring our drone into the air with you!

For what purposes create aerial photographs?

Aerial photographs are a modern facet of real estate photography. Often, the sale or rental of a property is in the foreground, which would like to attract many interested parties with meaningful shots for the exposé. Our aerial photographs are commissioned by private sellers and real estate agents who want to offer their customers a very special service in marketing.

Aerial photographs can be taken for numerous reasons, even without the direct intention of selling. Perhaps you want to use them for your city marketing or to get an overview of the condition of your house roof? Or you simply want to leave your building in its current condition for posterity. Whether it's a traditional farmhouse or your corporate headquarters, with our help you'll opt for contemporary and unique real estate photography.

Expressive aerial photos thanks to top equipment

The quality and expressiveness of aerial photographs depends on the technology used. Here we assure you equipment at the most modern, technical level, which is reflected every time in the finished photographs. Our compact drones are equipped with up to 48-megapixel cameras that accurately capture every last detail and save them as high-resolution digital photographs.

In addition to photographs, video recordings are also possible. Use them to dynamically market your house or property and get a true-to-life view of the entire property. In the area of video recording, we offer full HD quality or 4K/Ultra HD quality. We would be happy to advise you personally where the differences lie and which quality is suitable for the use of your aerial photography.

Strong service for business and private customers

We offer a comprehensive service for aerial photography of your real estate. We will be happy to discuss with you in advance the exact purposes for which you would like your recordings and which technical equipment is best suited for this purpose. This applies especially to real estate agents, to whom we show the advantages of photo and video recordings depending on the property to be marketed.

On the day of the agreed shooting you do not have to worry about anything else. After our arrival, we promptly bring our drone into the airspace and create the shots you want. After this, we will do a professional post-processing of the material, so that after a few days you will have the finished, expressive final product in your hands.

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You would like to enter the future of real estate photography today and are interested in drone photography of your property? Let us advise you and arrange a prompt appointment with us!

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Questions & answers about drone photography

  • How much does a professional aerial photograph cost?

    We offer you completely new perspectives on your property from a price of 199,- Euro. We will be happy to personally submit a non-binding offer that fits your ideas. Please note that in addition to the type of recording, the travel to you as well as the desired post-processing of the recorded photo or video material plays into the concrete price of your project.

  • Are drone recordings legally permissible?

    Privacy in Austria is comprehensively protected by law. This also applies to drone images, which may reveal neighboring properties or persons. Your neighbors as property owners have to tolerate the aerial photographs, provided that no persons are recognizable and it is not apparent where the object is located. However, due to the right to one's own image, you must obtain permission from affected persons if they can be recognized in your recordings.

  • What are the advantages of aerial photography of real estate with drones?

    With a drone photograph from the air, real estate can be presented from special, otherwise inaccessible perspectives and can positively influence the marketing of a property. Just a few years ago, aerial photography was very expensive and involved a lot of effort through the use of helicopters. Modern and professional drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and can be used quickly and efficiently in real estate photography.

  • How can aerial photographs of real estate be used?

    Drones are used to photograph or film real estate from above and from otherwise inaccessible perspectives. These special shots can then be used in real estate magazines. Aerial photographs can also be used to market properties on real estate portals or for real estate advertisements in magazines or online. In addition, aerial photography of real estate can be used for construction documentation or to inspect roofs or damage. A drone with a thermal imaging camera can also be used to detect leaks or wet spots on roofs or facades.

  • Can drones also take pictures and videos of properties from the inside?

    Mini drones or small FPV drones can be used to capture spectacular footage from inside a property. For example, a video can be taken from inside and then flown outside through a window to view the property from the air. Such footage should be taken by well-trained drone pilots, as you are moving in a very confined space.

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