Action & Sports Shooting with FPV Drones

Jet over a race track at high speed or jump over the cliff with a paraglider - many experiences and emotions cannot be described in words. With dynamic aerial footage at top speed, you can capture these special moments in unique video footage.

We are your partner when it comes to FPV drone recordings for professional or private purposes. Licensed and trained pilots accompany your activities with state-of-the-art technology and provide camera flights that capture the action and high speed of sports and events up close.

Capture dynamics of cars, skiing & other sports activities

With aerial footage accompanying your vehicles at top speed, you can convey this authentic feeling to your customers and other sports fans. Share the driving experience in "First Person View" (FPV) and give the viewer the feeling of really being there.

Our pilots guide the FPV drone around the race track alone or accompany your vehicle at high speed. Create vivid and action-packed footage that is perfect for presentations or promotional purposes around cars, motorcycles, skiing, water sports and other dynamic products.

Unique viewing angles at high speed

It doesn't always have to be a vehicle to convince the viewer of high speed and dynamics. There are no creative limits to our FPV drone footage to provide you with camera flights of the highest quality. Use our drone for swooping flights along house walls or convey the authentic experience of attractions in your theme park.

In addition to top speed, FPV drone footage can have its appeal because of the perspective. Our trained pilots are happy to guide the drone in first person view through narrow mountain crevices, convoluted hallways, old walls, or wherever you want expressive aerial footage. Our drones assure you video footage in 4K quality, which you can use for various purposes after editing and processing.

For what purposes to use a FPV drone?

Camera flights with our high-speed drones give you all the freedom to use exciting videos for marketing, advertising or presentations. Our customers use FPV drone footage for these purposes, for example:

  • for inclusion in trade fair and advertising films

  • for dynamic company presentations

  • as part of an advertising campaign

  • for inclusion in your company blog

  • for professional film productions- for private purposes.

Experience for yourself the diversity that characterizes our camera flights and let us advise you on all aspects of the use of aerial photography in the highest video quality. With great experience in FPV drone technology, we will gladly familiarize you with all the technical possibilities.

Book your unique camera flight now

Are you interested in high-speed videos around sports, leisure, business and more? Come to us and let our experienced drone experts advise you. We only use trained pilots who understand their craft and can precisely implement your ideas and wishes for FPV recordings. Come to us today and receive a non-binding offer. Also for other purposes of an FPV drone, our team is happy to assist you. Experience the charm of unique FPV aerial photography - suitable for your wishes and at attractive conditions!