Bilddichte is your partner for drone photography for any purpose

Are you looking for a service provider who can offer high-quality drone photography with first-class equipment and years of experience? Then Bilddichte is the right place for you. We have the right camera drone for every application to meet your needs. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, our teams can use FPV drones to explore inaccessible locations for you, document everything with high-resolution cameras and, if necessary, process it for later evaluation.

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The advantages of drone photography by our company

Competitive advantage

  • High quality recordings by the most modern drones

  • Present real estate and properties from a bird's eye view

  • Impressive video recording by FPV drones

  • Attract the attention of potential customers with impressive aerial images


  • Our drones are state of the art, registered with the aviation authority and insured

  • Our drone pilots have all permits and years of experience

  • We check the terrain for the drone footage and take care of possible permissions

  • Experience flying drones in challenging and complex environments

Cost and time saving

  • The right drone for every application

  • Latest software and hardware for professional image processing

  • Know-how in image processing and photogrammetry

  • We deliver the right format: optimized for websites or blogs, for printing or for import into CAD software.

Photogrammetry & Orthophotography

Creation of 3D models and high-resolution orthophotos for architects and archaeologists

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Drone photography of real estate

Aerial photos of real estate & land

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Dynamic aerial photography

FPV camera flights for image and advertising photography

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Photo gallery

A few clips of beautiful moments with our drones

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Inspect real estate and properties with camera drone

Especially in the field of real estate photography, there is a great demand for the visualization and inspection of objects from the air due to the introduction of the energy performance certificate in Austria. Thanks to thermal imaging cameras, we can, for example, provide you with a conclusive and meaningful overall picture of the energetic condition of buildings. In doing so, our drones also reach nooks and crannies that cannot be seen by a normal visual inspection, or only with a great deal of effort. In particular, the inspection of the condition of roofs, the documentation of construction progress and the production of advertising material for marketing are among the standard offers in the field of real estate photography. Contact us for a personal consultation on your project.

Dynamic aerial photography puts you and your company in the spotlight

In the past, only Hollywood studios could afford dynamic aerial shots for image films or commercials. Such projects could only be realized with helicopters or airplanes, whose use in most cases is disproportionately expensive and complex. With modern FPV drones, we can produce cinematic camera shots with a dynamic sequence for you - naturally in high-resolution image quality. Put yourself and your company perfectly in the limelight and let our camera drone do the work for you. We will be happy to advise you individually on the possibilities.

We offer the full range of drone photography

In addition to real estate photography and dynamic aerial photography for various purposes, the Bilddichte team from Austria is of course also available for all other projects. Camera drones are used in many industrial sectors, from the construction industry to the energy industry to forestry and agriculture. Find out more about the specific equipment we are happy to put at your service.

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Questions and answers about drone photography

Why drone footage is a special value?

With aerial photography or video capture from a bird's eye view, you can create stunning videos for movies, presentations, sports footage with FPV drones and content for websites. Drones now offer a cost-effective alternative for aerial photography where previously only helicopters could be used.

Who can use drone footage?

Drone photography or videography can capture beautiful private moments of e.g. celebrations or weddings. When cycling, snowboarding, climbing or extreme sports, video drones can record from a special angle, and can be used quickly. FPV drones can track and record high-speed activities. In industry or construction, drones have many applications today, from surveying, volume calculation or inspections with thermal imaging, to name a few.

Where is it allowed to film with a drone?

In the EU, the drone regulation, or at the aviation authority is regulated, where may be flown. Basically, a video drone must be registered and insured and the pilot needs the drone license (except for small models under 250g). Under certain conditions, it is possible to apply for an exemption even in otherwise general no-fly zones. In addition, the Data Protection Act applies to drone videos and people may not be filmed, photographed and subsequently published without consent.

What can be filmed or photographed with a drone?

Photographing and filming with a drone can be evaluated like photographing with a handheld camera. First and foremost, the right to privacy must be respected, which means that people may not be filmed or photographed without consent. Under no circumstances may pictures or videos of people be published without consent. No detailed shots of properties, houses or yards may be taken and published if the perspective is one that cannot be taken from a publicly accessible location.

Where can drone footage be used in industry and business?

Drones with high-resolution cameras, optical zoom and thermal imaging cameras are becoming increasingly popular for industrial inspections or in construction. In addition, photogrammetry software can be used to create high-resolution maps (orthophotos) or 3D models. On these, evaluations can be surveyed very accurately or even the volume of goods, excavations, fills, etc. can be calculated. Drones can also be used for roof surveys or inspections of factory chimneys. Equipped with a thermal imaging camera, the drone can be used for searching for missing persons, inspection of photovoltaic systems, thermal inspection of buildings and roofs, fawn search and much more.