Are you thinking about whether you need your own drone in your business?

Drones are on everyone's lips these days, and the wide range of potential applications for companies and businesses of all kinds is obvious. At Bilddichte, we offer your business the opportunity to take advantage of the latest drone technology without the high investment, added responsibility, or ongoing costs of insurance or additional skilled personnel. Through collaborations, our partner companies enjoy the benefits of drone technology without taking a risk. Our experienced drone pilots and professional team ensure smooth, efficient and safe operations in many areas of drone inspection, volume calculation, thermography and surveying. We deliver the data to you, you or we evaluate the data, and you deliver the data to your client in your corporate design without having to name us as a reference! Contact us to learn more about our offers for companies and businesses.

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The advantages of cooperation with our drone company

Always up to date

  • Latest drone technology in use

  • State-of-the-art software for post-processing of images, inspections or videos

  • The right drone for the desired application

  • We deal with drones and the laws on a daily basis

Cost efficiency

  • You save high, ongoing investment costs for your own state-of-the-art drones

  • No additional drone pilots or experts on the payroll

  • No running costs due to insurances

  • You stay active in your special field, we do the rest

  • Use the data with your own company logo

High security & no risk

  • We employ only experienced drone pilots with all certifications

  • Our drones are state of the art and insured

  • We take care of possible permissions at the aviation authority for a legally secure flight operation

  • No financial risk!

Cost savings through cooperation

Nowadays there are many different drones, but there is no drone for professional use that can do everything. For example, inspections require different applications than photogrammetry, surveying, photography or videography. Often people are not aware of this and then quickly realize that they would actually need additional drones or cameras for different applications, and the investment goes up and up. When you work with our company, you don't have to worry about this and the financial risk remains low.

Always at the cutting edge of technology

As with computers, cell phones, etc., new and improved models are constantly coming onto the market in the field of drones. In order to work cost-efficiently, one should ask oneself how often the drone will be used in my company? If a drone is only rarely used, the investment costs are not worth it and a newer model is already on the market. Not to be underestimated is the enormous amount of time required to familiarize oneself with the technology and learn about the different models and their possible uses.

No additional investments and risks

With a cooperation you save the costs for the purchase of the drone, insurance, possibly additional personnel as well as the purchase of the sometimes very expensive software for the processing of the drone images. With us as a cooperation partner, you do not have to take any financial risk and there are only costs in case of an order. Contact us today for your individual offer and a consultation on how a cooperation can be made attractive for your company.

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We provide the data - you do the rest!

We are happy to supply you with the data already prepared and integrated with your own company logo, or you prepare the data and insert your logo. We offer you the full use of the images, be it for your customers, a website or for advertising purposes, without you having to name our company as a reference. Enjoy all the benefits of drone technology through cooperation without expensive fixed costs or high investments, without any risk!

In which industries can drones be used?

Drones are successfully used in a variety of industries to perform cost-effective inspections. Modern drones offer a variety of different possibilities from surveying, volume calculation of different requirements, thermal inspections in electrical or civil engineering or agriculture. Only a few examples will be discussed here:

Use of drones in construction

In the construction industry, drones are used to monitor construction progress and increase safety on construction sites. For example, investors can get a quick overview of the construction progress from time to time and check whether everything is going according to plan without having to be on site themselves and intervene if necessary. Thanks to high-resolution orthophotos or 3D models, you are always up to date. As an investor or developer, you can enjoy all the benefits of collaboration without incurring additional costs for personnel, purchasing expensive photogrammetry software or investing in expensive drones to meet on-site requirements.

Drones in power generation

Drones with high-resolution thermal imaging cameras are successfully used to inspect photovoltaic systems and expose any defective modules. So no time is lost to search for possible defective photovoltaic modules from the ground, with the view from the air you can quickly get an overview. We provide the images with accurate temperature data and you can provide your customer with the data and suggested solutions for repair - without risk and additional investment!

Power lines or poles can also be inspected with high-resolution images up to 8000 x 6000px (48MP) and additional thermal images.

Drones are also used for maintenance and inspection of wind turbines to get a quick and efficient overview of the plant. With high-resolution images of 48MP, up to 16x optical zoom and laser rangefinder, we can document the wind turbine from a safe distance from different perspectives.

For roofers in use

We are also happy to carry out inspections of roofs for you and provide you with the data. Thanks to high-resolution images from all possible perspectives with the possibility of creating orthophotos or 3D models, you can accurately determine the condition of the roof based on the data provided and provide your customer with the evaluation. In addition, it is possible to perform accurate surveys based on 3D models of the roof or to detect leaks or wet spots on the roof or flat roof thanks to thermal imaging technology. We provide you with the data - you do the rest!

Surveys and volume calculations

Thanks to photogrammetry, drones can perform very precise measurements or volume calculations. In the field of photovoltaics, satellite images are often still used to calculate the roof area, which sometimes provide inaccurate data due to distortions, where surprises can then occur during installation. With our drone for photogrammetry, we provide your company with precise data for the planning of your customer's photovoltaic system.

Thanks to 3D photogrammetry, we can also create complex volumes of objects, terrain fills or excavations. Often there are discussions with operators of landfills about the actual amount of fill. With a before and after comparison, we can provide your company with very accurate data on the actual amount of fill so there are no disputes. Drones can also be used to survey gravel pits, mines or landfills.

Marketing & Real Estate Marketing

We are also happy to provide you with high-quality material for marketing purposes, be it for your website, your company blog or other marketing purposes such as the presentation of real estate. With our professional software for post-production and a suitable drone for video and photo shoots, we always deliver the right material for your needs.

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