Drone photography: documentation and monitoring of construction sites

Detailed aerial photographs are in demand in both the private and commercial sectors. They fulfill a variety of tasks. One focus is on construction site documentation. Photos and videos capture progress on construction sites in razor-sharp detail. They bring to light actual conditions that are sometimes not in accordance with specifications. Drones are made for monitoring as well as documenting planning and construction phases. They do a great job on large-scale projects such as the construction of residential parks, factories and logistics centers. Developers and architects benefit from the wide range of applications.

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Preservation of evidence: details matter

Preservation of evidence is also very important in the context of construction site documentation. It provides information on whether errors occurred during individual project phases or whether damage was caused to construction machinery, buildings and equipment by weather-related influences. In addition, it is often possible to assess whether safety regulations that can be seen from the air were implemented and adhered to. The photos and videos serve as a solid basis for asserting possible claims against insurance companies as well as other parties. They also support appraisers and experts in their work.

Orthophotos: revealing as if from a satellite

The production of orthophotos is also part of our service. These are distortion-free aerial photographs that show the entire area to scale. They also depict the topographical conditions. Numerous photos taken from a height of about 25 meters form a precise overall picture - comparable to satellite photos on Google Maps. Orthophotos have an accuracy of a few centimeters due to the high-performance cameras used. They skilfully exploit their advantages in the context of extensive route construction sites, such as road, rail, canal and bridge construction.

Bilddichte: the bull's eye in drone photography

Our drones make construction progress visually visible and comprehensible. They send aerial photos directly to the base station, and image and video material can be viewed live on request. If necessary, it is subsequently edited by our specialists. Within the scope of construction site documentation, our services include:

We bring construction sites into focus

Detecting weak points quickly: Drones equipped with cameras have a significant advantage. Unlike humans, who normally probe the situation, they move freely in space. Our equipment can be deployed without lengthy preparation and in a short time. Drones fly routes worked out in advance with precision. For large-scale projects, we also use GPS coordinates. Our drones convince through stable flight behavior, so that even on windy days there are no blurred recordings. This results in image and video material from positions that would otherwise be very costly and time-consuming. The expensive use of industrial climbers, scaffolding, cranes and helicopters becomes unnecessary. Drone flights are an efficient and cost-effective option to conventional visual inspection.

Presenting construction projects in a structured manner

The scope of the construction project determines the period and duration of drone flights. Ideally, they take place at regular intervals in order to really document all phases and steps. Construction documentation with the drone can also be carried out quickly for large construction projects. If all the environmental data is available, we can produce 3-D models if required. Created on the computer, they present existing, unfinished or still in the planning stage buildings true to scale.

Get a precise overview of the construction progress, compliance with safety regulations and any delays with us. Bilddichte supports you in this. You receive service and comprehensive performance from a single source. We are experienced specialists in the field of drone surveying as well as construction documentation. In the field of drone photography, we are just as familiar with the creation of complex 3D models. We are happy to advise you. Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs - it's worth it.

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Questions and answers about construction documentation with drones

What is construction site documentation?

Construction documentation helps to provide transparency for the building owner. It documents the progress and events on the construction site and can be consulted in the event of potential disputes. It can also be used to identify construction defects at an early stage so that timely action can be taken and processes optimized. Drones can be used quickly and efficiently, as they can create images from all conceivable perspectives of the building. Especially for large construction projects, the use of drones for construction documentation is worthwhile.

Is construction documentation mandatory?

No, construction site documentation is not mandatory, but it can often be useful. Building owners and investors can regularly obtain an overview of the construction project and complain about any defects in good time. It can also help contractors to prevent possible disputes and show transparency towards the client.

What are the advantages of construction documentation with a drone?

With our drones, we can take high-resolution images from different perspectives and process them into a 3D model or a high-resolution orthophoto. In this way, even large construction projects can be vividly documented. By creating a GPS route, the same route can be flown exactly at different times and thus the progress can be determined precisely.

Why is construction documentation so important?

In any construction project, a lot of data can be collected in order to obtain information about various facts during and after the completion of the construction project. Accurate documentation is very important for all parties involved and also for companies in case of disputes. If construction defects occur years later, it is often difficult to find the causes. Documentation can help identify a possible cause of a defect, especially years after the project is completed. High-resolution orthophotos or 3D models created with drones offer enormous added value in construction documentation.

What is the cost of construction documentation with a drone?

With a suitable drone, even large construction projects can be documented quickly and cost-effectively and processed into the desired models with suitable software. We create an exact route that is flown and in areas that are difficult to see, we collect additional data in manual flight. Contact us and we will make you a non-binding offer for your construction project.