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With our cost-efficient and flexible camera drones, we are able to cover all areas of application, from precise surveying and construction documentation to the monitoring and inspection of properties from the air. By the way, this also includes the collection of data for the energy performance certificate via thermography. We offer you tailor-made solutions for construction and trade and are happy to assist you with our experience. Contact us for an individual offer that precisely reflects your requirements. Especially property developers and architects can benefit extremely from aerial construction documentation, be it to prove the progress of construction or to inform investors and owners. But we are also available for the creation of energy performance certificates, for complex drone surveying or for the volume calculation of quarries and other objects. You can find out here what is possible with our drones - and if you do not find what you are looking for immediately, please contact us directly. We are specialists for individual solutions.

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The advantages of inspections in the industry with drones

High quality

  • We supply the appropriate format for import into your software for further processing

  • Thermal images and radiometric evaluations, 3D photogrammetry, 2D orthophotos, volume calculations, surveys, etc.

  • Professional software for processing the data collected by the drone


  • Our drones are state of the art, registered with the aviation authority and insured

  • Our drone pilots have all permits and years of experience

  • Areas that are difficult to access, such as roofs of production facilities, chimneys, bridges, etc., can be reached and documented without risk.

Cost & time saving

  • Downtimes and failures of your production are completely eliminated or significantly shortened

  • No scaffolding or other arrangements required for drone inspection

  • Less time required compared to conventional test methods

  • Obtaining the necessary permits from the aviation authority

Aerial photos of photovoltaic systems

Whether for documentation during construction or for later inspection from the air: our drones provide you with up-to-date data on the condition of your photovoltaic system.

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Precise surveys from the air

Many objects can only be perfectly surveyed from the air. We can survey land, buildings and cultivated areas precisely with our drones - even if they are inaccessible.

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Volume calculation made easy

The complex calculation of volume in a quarry or even inside buildings (e.g. in winding halls) is quickly done with our drones thanks to precise measuring equipment.

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Uncomplicated and safe roof inspection

Building damage and thermal bridges are detected quickly, safely and reliably by thermography and optical drone surveying from the air.

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Construction documentation of the entire construction phase

With regular construction documentation from the air, you not only have a full overview of what is going on, but can also identify problems and errors at an early stage.

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First class quality drone footage and analysis

The professionals at Bilddichte not only specialize in drone flight and the creation of first-class photos and videos, but also understand the equally important evaluation and analysis of collected data. From complex drone footage for technical applications to advertising and image shots, we offer a comprehensive all-in-one package for your project.

Inspection of a photovoltaic plant in Salzburg

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Questions and answers about the use of drones in industry and construction

What can drones be used for in construction?

Drones can quickly and efficiently capture data from every conceivable perspective for construction documentation. With images taken of an area from different angles and photogrammetry software, the images can be processed into a meaningful 3D model. This model can then be used to measure, calculate the volume or for a target/actual comparison.

What is a drone with thermal imaging camera used for?

With a thermal imaging camera, a drone can be used for the inspection of building insulation, roof inspection of halls, search for leaks, professional inspection of photovoltaic systems and much more. The individual photos of a large hall or photovoltaic system can be combined into a thermographic orthophoto using our software. This gives you a clear thermographic map from a bird's eye view.

How can a drone be used in civil engineering?

An underestimated application is to take an as-built survey before construction begins, so that a quick look at the site can be taken afterwards. CAD models can also be easily overlaid on top of a terrain model to avoid errors and compare with actual data. Whether it's road construction, building foundations, water lines or sewers. Repeated mapping compares the data to the nominal model, which can save time and money.

How can a drone be used in building construction?

The most obvious strength of a drone is the documentation and inventory of objects from the air, and drones are already widely used in structural engineering. Structures that are not easily visible from the ground can be documented by drone and processed into a 3D model so that the as-built condition can be determined quickly and reliably. A terrain model can also be created before construction begins and CAD models can be placed on top of the model. This way, all parties involved can get an overview from the office.

Where can drones be used in industry?

Regular inspections of large areas, industrial halls or high chimneys can be carried out quickly and cost-effectively thanks to drones. Even minor damage to chimneys or roofs can be detected and repaired at an early stage. With a thermographic evaluation, the insulation of halls or even leaking and wet spots on roofs can be detected quickly and efficiently.

A drone can also quickly and efficiently provide meaningful data on quantities or volumes for inventories in quarries or landfills.

How expensive is drone service in the construction industry?

The costs are kept within manageable limits, which is why multiple inspections are also possible. In this way, a construction project can be precisely documented in its development and defects can be quickly identified and promptly rectified. Construction site documentation thus proves to be a much more cost-effective and efficient alternative to conventional documentation methods.